• Women in science

  • Increasing the participation of women in science

  • Women in science

    Increasing the participation of women in science

    DEFEND shares the EC’s view that equality between women and men is a fundamental EU value.

    The DEFEND consortium will aim to promote equality between men and women in all its activities, and, more broadly, to pursue sustainable structural and cultural change to advance gender equality. These aims will be guided by policies such as those outlined in EC’s Strategic Engagement for Gender Equality 2016-2019

    The DEFEND project will undertake practical activities to increase the participation of women in science:

    • There will be a session during the kick-off meeting focused on the participation and promotion of women within scientific fields
    • Best practice guidelines will be provided for the design of DEFEND activities in order to promote gender equality
    • DEFEND will offer a childcare support grant for consortium members attending DEFEND conferences
    • Information about gender equality will be shared via the DEFEND website
    • Female leadership in the DEFEND consortium will be visible. Female scientists in leadership positions are valuable role models for all scientists, especially early career female scientists who may strive for such a position in the future
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