• Work Package 2

  • WP2: Phylogenetic analysis of African swine fever virus (ASFV) and Lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV)

  • Work package objective: WP2

    This work package (WP) applied cutting-edge phylogenetic analyses to a database of African swine fever virus (ASFV) and lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV) full genome sequences in order to understand the evolution and spread of these viruses and develop tools for disease control.

  • WP2

Work package WP2: Aims

Very few strains of ASFV or LSDV had been fully sequenced. Earlier phylogenetic studies had therefore relied on the analysis of a limited number (usually two-three) of open reading frames (ORFs). This WP used complete viral genomes (150-170 ORFs) to carry out phylogenetic analyses. Targeted full genome sequencing of LSDV and ASFV carried out in this project, were supplemented with publicly available genomes and metadata. Historical and real-time phylodynamic analyses investigated the spread of ASFV and LSDV, supporting the development of strategies to prevent virus introduction and spread. We disseminated protocols for ASFV and LSDV full genome sequencing and for phylodynamic analyses using the resulting genomes. Finally, the resulting sequence data informed the verification and validation of existing diagnostic assays and remain available as reference data for diagnostic assay design and validation.