• Work Package 5

  • WP5: Subclinical infection with lumpy skin disease virus

  • Work package objective: WP5

    The aim of work package 5 (WP5) is to better understand the impact of subclinical lumpy skin disease (LSD) on the epidemiology of the disease

  • WP5

Work package WP5: Aims

This WP will evaluate the potential of LSDV subclinically infected animals to act as virus reservoirs by studying the ratio of subclinical/clinical infected animals and by comparing their level and duration of viremia. The study will also assess the potential of vector borne transmission from subclinically affected animals and compare it to results obtained from clinically affected animals.

Poxviruses are known to survive a long time in dry conditions and historic information exists on LSDV survival in untreated meat and hides. As infected animal products could represent an indirect transmission pathway, the potential presence of LSDV in untreated meat and hides will be investigated and the influence of subclinical and clinical infection will be compared. The effect of meat and hide treatment, using internationally accepted pre-trade procedures, will be examined.